Nail Your System for Consistency, Clients and Cash

September 10th | 20:00 BST

Learn how to launch your Coaching Group Program like a Super-Coach

Build Your Coaching Business Vision On Purpose

I was a “Jack of all trades and a Master of none” and I learnt from my mistakes and I’m going to share with you so you don’t make them too. The moment I got CLARITY on what I really wanted for my business, everything changed for the better.


Get More Clients in 1 Go. How Clever Is That?

The key here is to get clear on who you want to attract and what their Journey is. It took me a good 18 months to get my group coaching program out there but finally I found the courage toJUST DO IT and when this happened it was like magic.


I'm Going to Make You See That...

You are sitting on a GOLDMINE already!! It is easy to disregard this and just keep on doing everything the same way but once you’re guided and have the system in place, all you have to do is “rinse and repeat” it, over and over again.

I will tell you HOW it’s done on the webinar.


Monetize on Your Mission Today!

You’re launching a business NOT a “Hobby”! It’s TIME to become the #BOSS that you always wanted to be and start attracting more clients who need your Super Powers. I’m sharing how you can do this right now.

How to do All This While Escaping Your 9 to 5

I’m sharing with you how you can use your TIME wisely and stop trading time for money and how you can do it while ESCAPING YOUR 9 to 5. It’s not going to be easy but it will definitely take you there much quicker because the so called “Formula” or Secret Sauce is within YOU.


Find out What is the Secret Weapon You Need

You’ll probably go like “Oh Yeah, why haven’t I thought of that before” once I tell you what is the SECRET WEAPON that you need.

You definitely don’t want to miss what I have for you at the end of this webinar. It will BLOW your mind!!

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