Why the Social Media Starter Kit


So that you can focus on what matters


So that you know what currently works


Save time managing your social media content


And stop feeling overwhelmed with social media


You know your business needs to leverage social media marketing to survive in a crowded and noisy world.  You are ready to start doing what needs to be done for maximum impact. You are asking yourself…where do I start?


What’s Included in The Social Media Starter Kit
Fast Track Your Entrepreneurial Journey


“Come out of overwhelm and into overdrive…planning your social media with a purpose”

Find out what you want to achieve with your social media activities, learn which social media goals you need to establish, document them and finally reverse engineer your goals. Imagine you have already achieved them…now go back in time to how you are going to accomplish them.

DIY Review Your Social Sites

“Are your social media accounts set up properly? When was the last time you checked?”

With the constant change of social media it is crucial that you know what to look at so that you can optimise and improve within social. Find out why you should audit your social sites and keep your business out of trouble.

Content Calendar - Co-create, Curate & Create

“Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.” by MICHAEL BRENNER

What to talk about on social, where to get content and how to schedule this content are questions that I am asked on a regular basis. This module will cover all that and much more. You will get a Content Calendar that you can use over and over again.

Saving Time and Money with your social media tools

Just like a doctor needs their tools to perform a lifesaving procedure so does your business when managing your social media accounts. However, you can automate some of the social media management posts but there is something you can not automate and that is Engagement…this needs to come from you…your brand’s voice and daily interaction is crucial in a crowded world like social media.

And there is more…

Instant Access to the Starter Kit Crash Course

Online learning – anytime, from anywhere

Access your online learning library of videos anytime you want, from anywhere with an internet connection. And get immediate help by watching quick video guides and checklists to do the things you need to do in your social media marketing journey.

Each video is quick and informative to get you the help you need right away and get you clear on what needs to be done first.



12 months access to resources you need

Learn the basics of social media management watching video tutorials that you can pause to optimize your own social media sites, and restart to learn more.


Get all the support you need

Supporting you with your questions is my goal and for that you will have access to a Private Facebook group where you’ll have the guidance to move forward and brainstorm ideas with others.


Learn different types of content marketing

Learn different types of content marketing and how easy it all is when you have an actionable content calendar that you can use over and over again.


Helpful checklists and actionable documents

Get informative checklists to help you make sure you have the correct requirements to optimize your social media sites, and much more.

Get the Social Media Starter Kit Crash Course NOW and Fast Track Your Entrepreneurial Journey


I cannot recommend Sofia enough. She knows her stuff, is incredibly thorough and really listens to what her clients want. Most importantly she gets quality results. Sofia is great to work with, can manage a team effectively if required and is very professional in everything she does. I could not trust anyone else with my social media but have now confidently give Sofia Carte blanche over my accounts.

Angela De Souza, Women's Business Club

So I know what you may be thinking…



Do I really need to be on social?

YES. A million times yes…If I may ask you where are your customers hanging out…on social and where are they talking about your brand…on social. However you have to carefully choose the right social platforms where they are hanging out otherwise it’s a pointless exercise.


What if I get stuck and don't understand something?

Not to worry I’ve got you covered. I have built a community on Facebook with like minded individuals just like you that love to ask questions and get “unstuck”. I hate to get stuck too so I am there at the Facebook group supporting and giving you the guidance you need. Do you want to check the community? Join us HERE


Will I have the time to learn?

Absolutely. If you are willing to learn you will find the time to go through the modules and exercises and put into practice all that I show you.  I will provide extensive checklists so that you know what is currently working and put into place or optimise your sites accordingly. Besides you have access to the modules forever.


What if it's too much for me and instead I want someone to do it for me?

I truly believe that this Crash Course is not going to be too much on your plate specially if you are still on the fence about wanting to leave your 9 to 5 J.O.B or just started your own business. But if you still want someone else to do it for you, check my VIRTUAL Consultant options HERE and I can help you with my packages. We can even have a chat first to really assess what are your needs.

I met Sofia through Fabulous Women networking and was very interested in how her business could help. I run the social media for a marine flooring company and had observed that no matter what was posted on Facebook, nothing happened. There was no engagement, or movement. We were stuck at 70 followers for months. I really wanted to do this training with Sofia, so managed to persuade the boss to fund half the fees. The sessions with Sofia really helped open my eyes about FB and I discovered a whole ‘back-office’ there which most of us never bother to investigate or try to understand. Sofia showed me some incredible things – many of them are to do with what your competitors are doing! The training was structured and really encouraged you to think about WHO your target audience are and most importantly, WHERE they are! I would highly recommend Sofia’s training for anyone managing the Social Media pages of any business. Can you afford not to be reaching your target audience?

Vanessa Junginger, Pink Spaghetti


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