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Does this sound like you?


You’re a passionate coaching entrepreneur building an online business whilst still in your 9-5


You love the idea of running an online business and the impact you can have in the world


You dream of making the kind of money that spells FREEDOM for you but right now it all feels very very far away…

And as hard as you try, you can’t help feeling…


Disheartened having wasted PRECIOUS time and money on programmes that have led you NOWHERE


Trapped and unable to see yourself ever making enough money to replace your steady 9-5 income


Overwhelmed and like there’s never “enough time” as you spread yourself so thinly trying to work on your business every night

It’s confusing because you’re seeing other coaches succeeding in the online space and you’re wondering how on earth they’re doing it!

And now you’re done with feeling sick to your stomach with guilt because you’re constantly “postponing” fun with the family and you’re ready for more ease and control in your life and your business.

This is all within your reach… Imagine:


Waking up every day feeling empowered and inspired because you’re doing what you love. No more sleepless nights… BLISS.


Your kids are happier as you’re being present and playful with feel so peaceful and proud.


You’re experiencing the freedom to do what you want, from where you want (imagine spending months in a warm climate; writing that book or building your dream home)


More romantic meals in romantic cities with the one you love, chatting, laughing, dancing…


FINALLY feeling like the BOSS you were always meant to be - running your dream business and fearlessly guiding your clients to their best lives

Meet Sane Floyd

a Sales Coach that was struggling with seeing the whole picture for launching her 1st group coaching program.

“Thanks to Sofia, I had a seamless process for promoting my webinar, growing my list and filling my group programme! Everything was automated and so I could stay in my lane and not lose hours getting lost in scary tech! I’ll always be grateful to Sofia!”

Meet Meera Remani

a Life Coach, came to me because she wanted to have a more consistent presence online to finally escape her 9 to 5.

? If you’re looking for someone who’s intelligent, knows exactly what to do (high expertise), is committed, is fun to work with, is organized and gets the work done in a fraction of the time you expect and with superb quality – Sofia is the person to go to. Come on – isn’t that an unbelievable combination?! She is incredibly talented and I’m so happy I got my website done by her. Before her, I had some very bad experiences and I had given up on getting my website done, but she quickly won my trust so much so that I still cannot believe she is for real, LOL! A weight was lifted off my back when she entered my life and I can’t thank her enough.

Meet Alejandra Zapata Leal

a Productivity and Success Coach. She was struggling with putting the tech “nuts and bolts” together or even where to begin on creating an “ATTRACTION” magnet for her website.

I love working with Sofia, she really made the process so easy that I didn’t have to worry about anything. She literally made things happened while I was sleeping, so I didn’t have to compromise my family time to make it happened. Sofia took away all my problems, saved me tons of time and energy and made my life so much easier. Without you, I would still be thinking what to do. Thank you! ?

Meet Beata Seweryn-Reid

a Transformation Life Coach, who was feeling invisible and missing opportunities. From NO online presence to now having an amazing hub with a very specific message.

Yes! Sofia will create magic not just a website. She is on a journey with you not just saying what else need to be done ? I highly recommend Sofia as your Web Designer. She walks her talk. She brings your dream website to reality.

Sound good? You can achieve all of this and more when you leverage the power of group coaching with a signature membership platform.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Here’s what you can expect from the program:


During this module, you’ll build your program vision on purpose, get clarity in your branding and create content with ease.


You’ll Launch an automated system tailored to your needs which you can rinse and repeat. It’s time to set a date to launch your group program!


This module focuses on in-depth Masterclass sessions so that you have the skills to implement for your repeatable launches.

Are you feeling overworked with no time to play?

You’re happy with your one-to-one clients but you don’t have time to enjoy life and enjoy spending time with your family and enjoy doing the things that you like to do. You’re actually grateful that you have a consistent number of clients every month but something is missing. You are desperately looking for a solution that gives you more time to enjoy life.
Do you want to know what it is? It’s just a question of leveraging your time in a way that feels good for you and your clients.

Sounds simple right? It is. It actually is, to be honest however we tend to complicate things, think too much, compare ourselves with others and procrastinate. Yes, I am guilty of all of them but so are you I know you are!

I’ve been where you are now…I wanted to have more time with my family instead I was working 24/7. Was it clever? NO!
So, I chose to incorporate group programs to my coaching business and it was a gamer changer. Now, I get more clients in one go while spending the same amount of time on my marketing. How clever is this?
Wouldn’t it be nice to serve 5 clients in one go instead of just one?

I’ve been through the same struggles, fears and doubts like you when I launched my first group program…


I was thinking "I got to have enough clients already in my biz to have a group coaching program...

NO… with the right system in place in your business, you can add group coaching to your packages by turning your 1 to 1 into 1 to many.


"I haven't got time to launch"...

NO…launches are fun and when you build a tribe that wants what you’ve got and you have a clear roadmap of what to do, its easy peasy.


"I haven't got the money to invest in building a membership"...

NO…imagine you get 10 clients into your group at 1k each that’s 10k. You would have enough to have your membership built. Your money blocks are stopping you from seeing the whole picture.


"I do not know enough to start this coaching business"

Hell YES, you do! What you have is a lack of confidence to express yourself and create a program package that feels good to your audience.


"Everything needs to be perfect before I launch"...

Nope…you don’t need an all singing and dancing program to launch. Baby steps, yes you’ll stumble and fall…so what? Children do it all the time, they fall and pick themselves up. It’s only us adults that put our protective cap on and start recreating the “falls” and lose confidence because of our mundane limitations.


This one is good!! I got my launch date, my content structure, all my "ducks in a row" and the pricing for my program...

BUT one side of my brain tells me I should charge less. I call it my evil side, thoughts start appearing that nobody will afford it, who am I to charge that much and then the doubts start to escalate.

All these thoughts are normal when you’re pricing your services. Can you actually put a price on someone’s “TRANSFORMATION”, the immense value they’re going to get? Can you afford to trade time for money and get burnout in the process…NO you can’t, nobody wants that right?

What’s included in your RADICAL LAUNCH SYSTEM


A full membership platform hub including your program branded content modules + Optin page for your Attraction Lead Magnet + Sales Page + Affiliate Program system.


Weekly Training.


Mastermind Session "Spotlight Seat" on the weekend.


Weekly Practical implementation exercises to keep you focused and on track to launch your program in the next 6 months or sooner if you wish.


Overview of all the technical systems you need in place however this is just for your information because at the end of this program and while you are busy building your tribe, me and my team will be busy building your membership platform and your affiliate program.


Go from 1 to 1 to 1 to Many and join the Waiting List to be notified of our next live webinar and access to Radical Launch System early bird bonuses!

Can’t wait to get started? Let’s Talk!

Burning Questions

Other amazing Coaches are also asking these questions before they make the decision to enrol in my programs.

Is this the whole investment I have to make to launch my program?

Yes. Your membership platform will be built for you and by the end of the RADICAL LAUNCH SYSTEM group program, you will have a secure place where you’re housing your own programs. Membership sites are sold for £6k-£15k depending on your requirements. However, you can additionally invest in paid advertising but I am giving you the roadmap on how to launch organically as well as in-depth training on your first Ads for launching an online program.

How fast will it take me to launch my group program?

This will all depend on the willingness to put the work in. You’ll create your own group program from scratch with my guidance which you can launch in the next 6 months or even earlier. We have 8 intensive weeks to learn how to turn your 1 to one coaching into a 1 to many group program. While you’re working on structuring your program content, I and my team will be busy building your membership site. 

I hate technology...will I be able to manage my tech?

Don’t worry, I will hold your hand all the way and beyond. All the tech will be DONE FOR YOU and you will have access to video tutorials to add your own content when you need to. You will also have 3 months of tech support/maintenance of your membership and 5 hours of virtual assistance support.

What if life happens and I won't be able to finish the program?

I and my team will do our best to keep you accountable. You will get email reminders for each module and don’t forget you will have unlimited lifetime access to the Radical Launch System membership hub where all your training and worksheets will be stored. In addition, you will have the support of the secret Facebook group where you can ask your most burning questions and get support from all the members.

What happens if I can't commit to do the work?

If you don’t have the desire and the strength to follow the instructions that I’ll be giving you inside the program, then your results will depend on you entirely. I will do my best to keep you accountable but I can’t do the work for you. 

What's your return policy?

There’s no return policy. This program is not only coaching and mentoring but it also includes your membership website so if you have any questions before making the decision to buy, you can hop on a call with me. I have opened some spaces especially for this.

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