Spark Your Transformation with 3 Days of Empowering Insights – Free Access!

🚀✨ Uncover & Crush Sneaky Doubts Sabotaging Your Epic Journey! 🎥🔍

Eliminate your fears and create your new empowering story

Discover the daily habits to help you turn your desires into reality

Turn your BIG (scary) idea into an actionable and an exciting project

Slay your BS self-talk; overthrow your fears and turn your vision into reality so that you can fire your boss sooner than you thought possible.

AND Ditch the Doubt and Unleash Your Inner Badass Boss

All you need is your journal & willingness to change!

What you will discover… [even though you know it already]

Be the Hero of Your Own Story… Only You can!

Don’t let past hurts dictate your Life

Learn to identify the disempowering PAST stories that are making you constantly doubt AND tame your judgy saboteurs as you learn how to let them go and increase your mental fitness!

You’ll feel lighter, more excited, and ready to embrace a brighter and more fun life and business as you start to feel at ease and in the creative flow.

  • “Mother Earth” Grounding Meditation
  • Unveiling the 5 Root Causes of Self-Doubt
  • Why You’re self Sabotaging Your Growth? Introduction to your Inner Saboteurs
  • Uncover the Role of the Saboteurs as You Transition to Become a Group Leader
  • Coaching Exercise: Shift Your Limiting Beliefs [Breakout Rooms]

Life should feel like a Party

Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you

NOW… Start daily habits that turn your vision into reality

It’s time to infuse some fun into your life NOW! Say NO to postponing your happiness!

You’ll experience the flow and freedom when you express yourself and tap into your highest creative power!

  • How to overcome fear and self doubt?
  • The 3 Mental Muscles you need to build in order to intercept your Saboteurs.
  • 6 Phase Guided Meditation – The first 3 phases focus on the Present. Compassion – Gratitude – Forgiveness.
  • Art Therapy Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in an innovative art therapy guided meditation, designed to unleash your creativity and amplify your intuition.

Believe in Your Vision and take Radical Action

Follow your dreams – Be Imperfectly perfect!

Create your bright FUTURE and believe is possible!

You are going to create your badass vision for your future.
Knowing what you truly desire, amplifies your belief system and brings you results faster than you can imagine.

Your Masterpiece Vision becomes reality!

  • Step into your Sage powers and embrace your bright future.
  • 6 Phase Guided Meditation – The last 3 phases focus on the Future. Envision Your Future – Your Perfect Day – The Blessing.
  • Design Your Extraordinary Life: The 3 Most Important Questions Exercise [Experiences, Growth, Contribution]
  • Saboteur Wanted Poster: Uncover its Deceitful Lies. [Breakout Rooms]

Unleash Your Inner Badass Boss With My Ditch the Doubt Online Retreat

Come and join the Party!

Olá, I’m Sofia

9 to 5 Transition Life Coach & Group Program Trainer

I help aspiring Entrepreneurs to smoothly transition from their corporate life by empowering them to become their own boss and build, launch, and achieve their online signature group programs along with an exponential growth mindset and take inspired “imperfect” action so that they can become their best selves, achieve their dream vision and run a business on their own terms.

No limits No rules… everything is possible!

I’m running my biz on my own terms and I know this is possible for you too because in business we follow the same principles and to BECOME a Badass Entrepreneur you need to tap into your POWER and AMPLIFY your gifts so that you can GROW and guide your fearless Tribe towards their outcomes.

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