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“Grow and Scale through the Power of Groups”

Mastermind group to help independent entrepreneurs and course creators to come together inspired by a community of like-minded creative people. Connect through powerful meetups, retention, and growth strategies for your paying clients, learn the skills to turn your knowledge and passion into a profitable business, and help you progress towards achieving your profitable group programs and courses.

The Radical Maximiser Club subscription gives you the tools & resources to help you progress with the build and launch of your group programs and courses. Mastermind and connect with like-minded Entrepreneurs, discover how to keep your members engaged, master the skills while you earn, and join us for fun and awards every month as we’ll reward you for all your achievements.

Who is Max Club for?

  • You’re a creative aspiring Entrepreneur with knowledge and expertise that you want to share with your community.
  • Your creativity has been neglected in your current job, and you are ready to unleash the #Boss within.
  • You’re eager to create an income doing what you love rather than being stuck in your corporate office.
  • And you want to launch your signature group program and leverage your time, serve more people and scale your business by harnessing the power of group programs and online courses.

Here’s 4 reasons why you’ll love to join us?

💗 Connectedness: Connecting your Passion with your Purpose so that you live up to your full potential. Without this, we’ll feel like something is always missing in our life. We feel a sense of “not belonging”, of emptiness and anxiety running through our body, mind, and soul. Connecting to what we love to be, do and have and finding the reason why it is important to us, gives us a feeling of accomplishment and achievement and attraction to others around us.

🤫 Powerful Influence: Imagine guiding others towards what they love to do aka passion. Wouldn’t that be just incredible? Leading a community that follows your guidance and is super focused on reaching their end results.  After all, isn’t that why you became a business owner/ coach?

👩‍🎓 Excellence: In order to excel in what you’re passionate about requires learning the skills you need to grow and progress. So, what better way if you are still in your 9 to 5 to learn while you earn? 

🥂 Championing: Celebrating one another and impactfully contributing to a better world around us, gives a sense of accomplishment that I can’t express in words. 

Ready for radical growth and eager to build a happily engaged tribe? Let’s start…

Together Empowering Achieving Momentum

~ Sofia Reis

Program Modules

Start Next Module What to expect and how to start