5 Steps To 5K In 5 Weeks Bootcamp

Welcome to the beginning of your journey in building and monetising your knowledge and talents into a group model. If you are already a coach with a 1:1 practice, I’m going to ask to forget everything you’ve learned about it and come into each week with a “clean slate” mental attitude so that you can unleash your creative power and craft a group program package that feels good to you and empower you to take “inspired imperfect action”.

Daily Affirmation: “I am unique so I will be uniquely successful”.

This is for you if you are transitioning from your 1:1 practice and embracing the power of group dynamics with ease and flow.

Course Curriculum

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Week 1: BE - Build Your Mindset
Week 2: CREA8 - Build Your Content
Week 3: SEE - Build Your Pillars
Week 4: DO - Build Your Launch
Week 5: Closing Sales With Integrity