5 Steps To 5K In 5 Weeks Bootcamp

5 Steps To 5K In 5 Weeks Bootcamp

Do want to break out of your soul-destroying corporate life and become a Group Leader?

This is a group program for Leading Visionaries who are ready to follow their passion and purpose and transform their group program vision idea into a reality so that they become the fearless business leader they want to be and run a business on their own terms.

Stand out as the Fierce Leader you are empowering your community by embracing the power of group dynamics, with confidence, simplicity, and playfulness, you will become the group coach and the fearless business leader you want to be.

During our 5-week Group Program, I empower YOU to unleash your "inner game" so that you go from being overworked, burnout, and fearful to fierce personal mastery, collective influence, and impactful action.

The most effective way to scale with groups is with…


BE - Build Your Mindset: 

  • So that you feel confident, energised, and full of self belief in order to take massive action without fear. 

SEE - Build Your Pillars

  • You'll feel guided and reassured that your business is growing solid roots for scalability and sustainability. 

CRE8 - Build Your Content

  • Package your knowledge and expertise in a way that is going to give your community more ease and flow.

DO - Build Your Launch

  • Launch a steady client attraction system so that you feel in control of all your repeatable launches.

GROW - Build Your Tribe

  • Nourish relationships with your Tribe and guide them through their journey so that they feel accomplished as they know they are moving forward and progressing.


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