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Coaching & Courses

Become The Best Version of You - Transition Life and Business Coaching

Unlock Your True Potential with a Life & Business Coach

Embark on a transformative journey towards your best self with my expert guidance. Break free from self-sabotage and delayed dreams by embracing the support you need.

Discover the extraordinary within you as we address the roots of negative thought patterns and nurture mental strength. Through personalised coaching, we’ll rewire your mindset, paving the way for remarkable achievements and a more fulfilling life.

With my expertise, you will:

  1. Uncover true potential: Identify strengths and passions, igniting the flame guiding your journey.
  2. Challenge limiting beliefs: Break free from self-doubt, replacing barriers with empowering beliefs.
  3. Cultivate mental resilience: Develop unwavering strength to navigate challenges with grace.
  4. Set meaningful goals: Define a clear vision, progressing steadily towards objectives.
  5. Enhance overall well-being: Explore practices promoting holistic thriving in mind, body, and spirit.
  6. Harness unique strengths: Leverage innate talents for extraordinary growth and success.

It’s time to shed limitations, conquer new horizons, and create a fulfilling life. Join me on this transformative journey towards the best version of yourself.

5 Steps To 5K In 5 Weeks Bootcamp

5 Steps To 5K In 5 Weeks Bootcamp

Do It At Your Own Pace

This is a group program for Leading Visionaries who are ready to follow their passion and purpose and transform their group program vision idea into a reality so that they become the fearless business leader they want to be and run a business on their own terms.


Chose this Do It At Your Own Pace option and receive lifetime access to:
  • Curriculum for 5 weeks Intensive Bootcamp to Craft, Launch, and Deliver your Group Program/Courses.
  • Lifetime Access to the content of the Intensive Group Program and access to future launches so that you grow as your community evolves.
Mental Fitness Program by Positive Intelligence®

Mental Fitness Grow Program by Positive Intelligence®

🧠 Eliminate Inner Saboteurs: The program, powered by Positive Intelligence®, focuses on building mental muscles to eradicate inner saboteurs that cause stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.

🌟 Week-by-Week Progress:

  • Week 1: Strengthen your Self-Command muscle for greater mastery over your mind with PQ Reps.
  • Weeks 2-3: Develop the Saboteur Interceptor Muscle to identify and counteract negative thought patterns.
  • Weeks 4-6: Cultivate the Sage Muscle, transforming challenges into opportunities.

💪 Your Commitment to the PQ Program:

  • 📅 Watch a 1-hour weekly video (available Saturdays).
  • 🗓️ Participate in Monday coaching Pods for group discussions.
  • 📱 Access the PQ App for 15-min daily app-guided exercises (Tuesday to Friday).
  • 📖 Read 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence Book (1-2 chapters per week).
  • 🎧 Audio book available inside the app.
  • 🚀 Explore GROW program for ongoing Mastermind presentations on PQ Life applications.
  • 🕒 Enjoy a 30-minute Laser PQ Coaching Session with Coach Sofia Reis.

Build strong mental muscles, transform challenges, and prepare for a happier, high-performance life with improved self-relationships.

Ditch Your Doubts Virtual Retreat Program

Unlock Your Inner Leader in 3 Days

Slay your B.S. self-talk; overthrow your fears and turn your vision into reality so that you can fire your boss sooner than you thought possible… AND Ditch the Doubt To Unleash Your Inner Badass LEADER self.

🚀 Immediate Access: Dive into all recordings and supplementary tools for quick results.

💪 Day 1: Eliminate fears, rewrite your story, and boost mental fitness by shedding doubt and silencing judgy saboteurs.

🌟 Day 2: Discover daily habits turning your vision into reality—say no to postponing happiness, embrace creative power, and experience flow and freedom.

🎯 Day 3: Transform big ideas into exciting projects, create a bright future vision, and amplify belief for faster, tangible results.

All you need is your journal and the willingness to change—ditch self-doubt, propel your business, and unleash your inner badass leader sooner than you thought possible!

Mental Fitness Program by Positive Intelligence®

Social Media Starter Kit

You know your business needs to leverage social media marketing to survive in a crowded and noisy world. You are ready to start doing what needs to be done for maximum impact. You are asking yourself…where do I start?

What you will learn in each Module:

Module 1 Define social media goals, document them, and reverse engineer to achieve objectives.

Module 2 – Optimise social media strategy through platform audits and staying compliant with trends.

Module 3 – Develop an efficient Content Calendar for social media, covering topics, content sources, and scheduling.

Module 4 – SStreamline social media efforts for efficiency and cost-effectiveness using appropriate tools.

Website & Maintenance Packages

Landing Page and Lead Gen Strategy

Landing Page and Lead Gen Strategy

Ready to supercharge your lead generation efforts? Introducing our WordPress Landing Page Package, accompanied by a personalised 1-hour consultation call.

📋 What’s Included:

Custom Landing Page: We’ll craft a visually captivating and strategically designed landing page in WordPress, tailored to convert visitors into leads.

📞 1-Hour Consultation Call: Dive deep into your goals, target audience, and unique selling propositions.

Receive expert guidance on maximising the impact of your landing page for optimal lead generation.

🌟 Why Choose Our Package:

  • Expertise: Benefit from our team’s proficiency in crafting high-converting landing pages.
  • Tailored Solutions: Your landing page will be customised to reflect your brand and resonate with your audience.
  • Strategic Consultation: Maximise your lead generation potential with insights and strategies discussed during the consultation call.

📈 Unlock Your Business Potential:

Transform your online presence, capture leads effectively, and propel your business forward. Let’s create a landing page that not only looks impressive but works tirelessly to grow your business.

Website Build

🚀 Elevate Your Online Presence with Our WordPress Website Package for Entrepreneurs!

In the digital landscape, visibility is key, and your online presence matters. Introducing our bespoke WordPress Website Package, tailor-made for entrepreneurs who want to make a lasting impression.

🌐 Online Portfolio Showcase: Present your skills, services, and achievements in a stunning online portfolio. Let potential clients and collaborators see the value you bring to the table.

📱 Seamless Contact Experience: Facilitate connections effortlessly. Your website will include a user-friendly contact section, ensuring that those interested can reach out to you with ease.

👁️ Visibility that Speaks Volumes: Stand out from the crowd with a website that showcases your uniqueness. Capture attention and leave a memorable impact on visitors.

💼 What’s Included:

  • Professionally designed WordPress website tailored to your brand.
  • Engaging portfolio display to highlight your expertise.
  • User-friendly contact section for seamless communication.
  • Mobile-responsive design for a flawless experience on any device.

📈 Take the Next Step in Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Ready to establish a visible footprint online? Let us build a WordPress website that speaks to your audience, showcases your talents, and invites meaningful connections.

🚀 Your Digital Success Starts Here!

Course Builder Package

🌟 Unlock Your Expertise with Our Exclusive Course Creation Deal!

Ever dreamt of transforming your expertise into a captivating online course? Picture this: three seamlessly designed courses that not only showcase your skills but also automate the sales process, making your life easier. If that sounds like a game-changer, our exclusive package is tailor-made for you!

What You Get:

  1. Three Stunning Courses: We’ll build three captivating online courses using the MemberPress Courses Add-on (WordPress Plugin to be purchased by the client).

  2. Sales Page Magic: Need sales pages? We’ve got you covered! We’ll even create three sales pages to enhance the appeal of your courses.

  3. Effortless Automation: Say goodbye to the hassle. We’ll automate the sales process using WordPress, ensuring a streamlined and effortless end-to-end customer journey.

  4. Key Features:

    • Structured content seamlessly integrated into course categories.
    • Smooth Payment Gateway setup for hassle-free transactions.
    • Course Progress Tracking to keep you and your participants on the same page.
    • Linkage with an email marketing provider of your choice for effective communication.

📅 Exclusive 12-Month Offer: This unbeatable package comes with a 12-month expiration, giving you ample time to have your courses/programs up and running. Consider it our commitment to your success!

🚀 Your Journey to Course Excellence Starts Now: Stand out like a pro, provide your audience with an exceptional learning experience, and make your expertise work for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – let’s get started today!

One on One Membership

🚀 Unlock Your Program’s Potential with Our Exclusive Membership Website Package!

Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your group programs to the next level? Look no further! Our bespoke Membership Website Package in WordPress is the key to a secure, professional hub for your valuable content.

🔒 Secure & Easy: Experience peace with our robust, secure website. Confidently grant access, control content, and keep programs exclusive.

💻 User-Friendly & Personalised: Provide a seamless, user-friendly experience. Each member gets a personalised profile for community and connection.

💡 Effortless Management: Say goodbye to complexity! Easily upload, organise, and update program content in one central location. Manage with ease and focus on what you do best.

💰 Monetise with Ease: Turn your passion into profit effortlessly. Our integrated payment solutions ensure smooth transactions, helping you monetise programs and boost your bottom line.

🌟 Limited-Time Offer: Ready to elevate your group programs? Secure your Membership Website Package today and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Maintenance "Afters" Package

Maintenance “Afters” Package – Yearly Package

Course Builder Package:

  • 3 course layout templates using the MemberPress Courses Plugin.
  • Creation of sales pages for up to 3 specific courses (if not already available).
  • Inclusion of API for the membership plugin.
  • Structured content integration into course categories.
  • Payment Gateway setup.
  • Course Progress Tracking.
  • Integration with your chosen email marketing provider.

Your Maintenance “Afters” Package

Choose between:

  • 1 hour of action-packed Strategy support each month to keep you accountable for your goals.


  • 3 small changes on the website (equivalent to 1 hour of VA support), such as page edits, adding blog posts and monitoring comments, or creating a landing page for your next lead magnet.

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