How to Package your Passion and Knowledge and Profit from your “SELL OUT” Group Program…

In JUST 5 SIMPLE STEPS so that you can maximize your hard-earned cash, your precious time, and your soulful energy!

Group programs are a smart way of running and scaling your coaching business. Here’s why 👇


Share your gifts and serve more people at once so that you have more time and money to fully enjoy your life. Your energy levels will rise as you finally feel clear-minded and confident.


You will earn more without burning out. And with 2 or 3 big launches a year, it will set you up towards your income goals. No need to chase clients every month!


It will enable you to make incredible connections and valuable collaborations who will catapult you to success.


Ultimately learning from somebody else’s experience will empower you to take action, stimulate your creativity and facilitate innovative ideas to progress smoothly.

There is something very powerful and inspiring about running your own group coaching program. You will feel on top of the world, knowing that your expertise and knowledge is positively transforming others and helping them reach the outcomes that they seek.

Join me in this FREE Masterclass and find out the 5 steps you need to focus on to launch your amazing signature 1:Many Group Program:

This is what we will cover on this webinar:

Step 1 - "Unleash Your Highest Potential"

Develop a rock-solid mindset to confidently lead your true tribe to a brighter future.

Step 2 - “Craft Your Offer So It Converts”

This Step will allow you to focus on exactly what content your audience needs to move forward towards what they want to achieve. There is no need to overwhelm your audience with tons of content. Tap into your creativity and design an innovative and irresistible group coaching program.

Step 3 - Super Simple Delivery System

BOOM! Find out how you can deliver your group program without the tech-hassle. It is really very SIMPLE!

Step 4 - Your Client Attraction Blueprint

Now, is the time to start putting a system in place so that you are not constantly hunting for clients. Guess what? They will come to you!

Step 5 - "Closing Sales With Integrity"

This final step 5 is about helping you master your sales calls so you can easily convert your prospects into paying clients without feeling sleazy, pushy or out of integrity.

It's time to become your own boss, fearlessly

Bonus - Without this step, you will start to lose your paying clients.

Keeping your clients happy and motivated is crucial for the success of your group program. Find out the 1st thing you must do to successfully onboard your TRIBE.

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Olá, I’m Sofia

I’m a Group Program Launch Coach & Mentor

I’m super passionate about empowering coaches and educators to scale their businesses so they can serve as many clients as they want in the most effective and simplified way possible.  I’m a certified group coach, an artist and a multilingual – one of my languages being TECH!! I help my clients focus on their zone of genius, and do what they love by providing the technical know-how and expertise to build awesome membership sites. 

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