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Are you the kind of person who craves innovation, creativity, and the sweet freedom of being your boss? Do you daydream about breaking free from the corporate grind and diving headfirst into online coaching, where the magic of group coaching awaits you?

Picture this: You’re done with the stale, corporate vibe, and the relentless “Generals” who just don’t get your need for change. You’re tired of having your creativity suffocated. It’s time to unleash your inner entrepreneur, steer your ship, and set your own rules.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know the feeling. You’re yearning to fulfil your potential, gain recognition for your skills, and make a real impact on the world. You’re a visionary on a quest for deeper meaning in life.

What’s more, you’re eager to build a vibrant community of kindred spirits, where your knowledge can shine. The monotonous corporate routine stifles your passions, and it’s time to break free. You’re craving authentic connections with like-minded souls who share your fire.

You want to witness the impact of your work, knowing your tribe is reaching incredible heights. You’re hungry for endless possibilities and the confidence to turn your vision into a thriving business.

If you’re ready to take action, I’m here to make things fun, fast, and straightforward with strategies that work.

No complex funnels, no overwhelming processes, and no need to break the bank with expensive software. Let’s tackle this adventure together!

Count me in, Sofia!

Our Upcoming Live Group Cohort kicks off on:

May 27th, 2024

Next: 1st July 2024

Payment Options

This Bootcamp is your golden ticket if…


You've experienced a personal transformation and can't wait to share your journey with your community.


Your creativity has been locked in a corporate cage, and you're bursting to unleash your full potential and be the boss of your own life.


You're done with the soul-sucking desk job and yearn for the freedom to do what you love without burnout.

Now, picture this: You, handing in your resignation, just like I did, and liberating yourself from the corporate grind. It’s time to say goodbye to your boss and hello to a life of excitement and impact!

I’m here to guide you on a journey to…


Cultivate an unshakable mindset for success.


Shape your expertise into an irresistible offer for your dream clients, turning your vision into reality.


Arm you with practical tools, tips, and techniques to confidently shine online.


Reveal a proven, foolproof strategy to launch your group program without costly blunders.


Teach you the art of turning your audience into delighted clients eager to work with you.


Expect daily support, coaching, and accountability to take bold, strategic actions.

My goal is simple: to help you launch and sell your first group program. Can you imagine making 5K with your inaugural launch? Think of the endless possibilities once you achieve this success. Your boss might be history sooner than you think!

The best part? You’ll be all set to replicate your success again and again! And this time, I’m sharing my secrets outside of my exclusive Radical Launch System™ at a fraction of the real value.

Ready to discover the magic of transforming your 1-on-1 coaching business into a scalable group model system?


Our Upcoming Live Group Cohort kicks off on:

May 27th, 2024

Next: 1st July 2024

Olá, I’m Sofia

Your Transition Life Coach and Group Program Trainer

As your coach, my mission is to help you transition effortlessly from 1-on-1 to a dynamic group coaching business. Together, we’ll unlock the transformational power of group dynamics, ensuring you become an extraordinary group coach and a fearless business leader.

I’m devoted to guiding you in building, launching, and succeeding with your very own online signature group program. Throughout our journey, we’ll cultivate an exponential growth mindset, inspiring you to take inspired “imperfect” action, reach your full potential, manifest your dream vision, and run your business on your own terms.

The sky’s the limit, and there are no rules here!

I invite you to lay a solid foundation for your business right from the start. I remember guiding my first client through this exact process back in 2016. Driven by passion, she followed my 5-step formula and launched her 1st group program. In her first launch, she signed up 5 clients and raked in £5000. This program became her signature offering for the next four years, and in one extraordinary month, she banked an astonishing £27,000 from this program alone.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, you can achieve similar results. Join me and my team in the Intensive Bootcamp, and uncover these secrets firsthand!

Meet Meera Remani

My group program most likely wouldn’t have happened so well, or wouldn’t have happened at all, hadn’t it been for Sofia. But it did, and I am so happy about it. The preparation, the launch, the webinars, the course pages – are all delightful, effective and amazing!

Sofia is a wonderful combination of heart and head. She took the abstract ideas I had for my group program along with the incredible amount of confusion and overwhelm that I felt, and made a wonderful course out of it. She is great with the tech – I didn’t have to handle any tech, thanks to her.

She is great at project management, and an expert at group program launches, so she kept me updated on all the bits & bolts that I otherwise would’ve so easily missed because I just didn’t know. Most of all, she showed very high commitment levels, she was even more committed than me at times especially when my self-doubt crept in.

That accountability alone is pure gold! So people if you’re reading this… let me tell you, Sofia is amazing. You don’t have to go through the struggle thinking it’s all too hard. Sofia has a way of simplifying things for you, so as to amplify your results. Thank you Sofia, I’m already looking forward to our next project.

Meet Hokuma Karimova

a Success Coach and Dancer.

Radical Launch System was a life-changing experience. Sofia is a tech wizard, who can take your intagible ideas and turn them into beautiful offerings.

This is what she did with my EMPOWER coaching program. A few months ago this offering was just a vision, today it is a reality that I’m living.

She gives you the roadmap and has a very effective system, so all you need to do is be energized about your vision, fill in the content and the rest is done for you!

Thank you! 

Meet Sarah Stoiber-Kumar

a Coach, Nutrition Expert and Certified Trainer.

“It just happened overnight while I was getting my group set up and starting docs for all my current clients! 3 $97 sign ups before the sales page is done! Signups are still coming up and now I understand why is so important to put all these pieces in place.”

Meet Karen Baney

a Expert English Teacher

I am an English teacher and I had the idea of converting my expertise into an online course to help students to pass their GCSE English exams. I was really unsure about whether an online course was going to work for me, because I am not very technical, and I was about to give up on the idea when I discovered Sofia. Sofia is such an excellent guide and mentor as well as a whizz at all the technical stuff. She showed me what to do at every step of the way. She gave me a belief in myself and moved me to creating a whole course and website design in just 3 months. My website looks really professional and she managed to include all the aspects I needed for the content. It is still hard to believe that I am welcoming customers into my course already. I loved her creative, clever, quirky attitude to everything and especially to the design of my logo which she made very individual to me and my story. She has continued to support me in all the marketing aspects now that my site has launched. She has also become a good friend. Nothing is too much trouble for her. She is just amazing; I recommend her highly and I can tell you that you will be very lucky if you work with her!

Meet Sanae Floyd

a Sales Coach that was struggling with seeing the whole picture for launching her 1st group coaching program.

“I’ve just sold 5 spots to a 3k program in 3 days. So excited because literally I sold 1 on Friday and 4 others over the weekend just 48 hours before I’ve opened the doors to my coaching program”

This is what you will discover…

Step 1: Unleash Your Highest Potential

Imagine breaking free from the chains of self-doubt, fear, and hesitation. In this first step, we’re going to ignite the flames of your inner superhero. Say goodbye to those nagging doubts and say hello to an unstoppable you! Boost your confidence, let your energy flow, and believe in yourself like never before. It’s time to craft a vision so clear, it’ll light up your path even in the darkest of times. Those limiting beliefs that have held you back? They’re about to shatter, like glass ceilings that can’t contain your potential. Get ready to rewrite your story, not as a victim of burnout, but as the confident and fearless leader you were born to be.


Step 2: Craft Your Offer Like a Super Hero

You’ve got incredible knowledge, but it’s time to package it like a true superhero. Picture yourself as the guide your audience has been desperately searching for. Your content will be so compelling that it propels them toward their dreams. We’ll focus on simplicity and flow, making your wisdom accessible and transformational. It’s all about creating a path with clear milestones, leading your members to their “Why” with grace and power. You’ll be their beacon of hope, the one who makes the complicated seem simple. Your offer will be a lifeline they can’t resist.

Step 3: Super Simple Delivery System & Group Methodologies

Now, let’s ensure your journey is sustainable and scalable. Think of this step as crafting your superhero headquarters. Your business needs a strong foundation that can withstand anything. We’ll unleash your creative genius to explore the vast possibilities before you. Just like a superhero outfit, your business needs to fit you perfectly, allowing you to move with ease and agility. With the right systems and methodologies, you’ll be unstoppable. No more feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It’s time for your business to support you, not drain you.

Step 4: Your Client Attraction Mastery

Imagine having a steady stream of people eager to join your mission. You’re not just attracting clients; you’re magnetizing them. This step is all about becoming a client attraction master. We’ll equip you with a system that ensures you’re not just growing your list but nurturing meaningful relationships. It’s not about selling; it’s about guiding, sharing, and connecting. Your followers will be excited to invest in your programs because they trust you. No more sleazy sales tactics; you’ll feel like the expert you truly are.


Step 5: Selling Without Selling Out Your Soul

Finally, it’s time to become the leader you’ve always aspired to be. Your community will thrive, and you’ll lead them to success. Selling isn’t about pushing; it’s about leading and empowering. You’ll be the captain of a happy, engaged community that feels accomplished with every step. No more chasing sales for the sake of numbers; it’s about impacting lives. Your members will progress and feel fulfilled because you’re not just selling a program; you’re guiding them to a better life. It’s about leading with authenticity and heart, a true reflection of your soul. No need to compromise your values; your success story will be one of inspiration and genuine connection.

Bonuses to Keep You Taking Inspired, Imperfect Action:

It's time to become your own boss, fearlessly

BONUS - Engaging Your Tribe and Taking Care of Your Paying Clients

Equip yourself with the tools to onboard and engage your members, ensuring they make progress and feel joyful about their journey. This leads to more referrals and exposure for you.

It's time to become your own boss, fearlessly

Laser Focused Masterclasses

Access presentations to stay on track and focused on your group program vision, along with group coaching sessions for personal growth.

Payment Options

Here’s what to expect during our 5-week Intensive Bootcamp:


Weekly private Facebook group meetings with daily training and instructions.


Weekly Q&A sessions to answer your questions and provide personal support. ONLY FOR PAID IN FULL and VIP Option


Step-by-step workbooks and checklists to keep you on track.


Recorded sessions for lifetime access.


A supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs to cheer you on.


Sofia’s availability in the community for guidance and support. ONLY FOR PAID IN FULL and VIP Option

Ready to take action? Join our Bootcamp and create an impact, not just on one, but many!

So just to summarise:

To sum it up, at the end of this Intensive Bootcamp, you’ll have all the tools to attract, enrol, and satisfy paying clients within your group program. The key is to focus on what your tribe wants and take the steps to secure those first few clients.

The only thing holding you back is yourself. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection be your stumbling block. It’s time to simplify your approach, get guidance, and take massive action. Your investment in this Bootcamp can be the catalyst for your journey, potentially multiplying your returns tenfold in just weeks.

For instance, one client put our strategy into action and earned £15,000 from their group program launch. Another coach targeting corporate leaders made £13,000 in a 21-day program. These results are within reach with decisive action and commitment.

Ready to harness the power of group dynamics, launch your first group program, and enjoy the freedom it brings? 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What if I don’t know how to monetise my knowledge?

That is ok. We all have to start somewhere and only by learning and taking baby steps we can move forward in our journey. We will dig deep in what you are passionate about and what lights you up and then we will craft and package your knowledge in a way that makes sense to your audience.

2 - What if my vision is blurred and I don’t know where to start?

We all have been where you are right now. My vision was blurred too when I first started in business and I had to adjust and adapt to my personal transformation. If you are passionate about pursuing your goals, you will be amazed by how rapidly your vision will come alive. There are some steps you will need to put in place and that is what I am going to show you in this workshop.

3 - But I don’t have a big list or following. How can this work for me?

Well, I am going to teach you how to start attracting your audience to you and start building your list with your target audience needs/wants in mind.

4 - I hate technology so how can I implement these steps?

I’m keeping this Intensive Bootcamp super simple so that by the end you can have your group program ready to promote and sell. There will be templates given to you to use straight away and also video tutorials to help you move forward. There are also included all required workbooks and checklists to keep you on track. All I would ask you is to not think about the difficulty of “technology” from day 1 because this will get a hindrance to your progress.

5 - I’m not creative at all so what if I run out of ideas?

I believe that we are “creators in a body”, we just need to unleash our creative mind and trust the process.  As Mary Lou Cook said, “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” I love this quote and uphold my teachings on it. 

I’m giving you space and tools for your ideas to flow, take shape and materialise. You’ll see. 

6 - I really like to work in a one to one environment? Why does a group model make more sense to my business?

That is fine. I’m not saying to completely disregard your 1:1 practice and I also know that some people need that approach. However, if you are a person that wants to impact more clients at once, then the group model is a strategy that I teach and love. There is something magical about working with a group and you hear me say this over and over again.

7 - I think this workshop is a bit expensive?

I respect that question but let me show you a little formula…

If you sell your group program to 10 members at £55.50, you would have paid for this training on the first month of your recurring subscription. 

Can you sell your program/course to 10 people? I’m sure you can so you see the meaning of that question has vanished.

8 - I'm still not sure about this can I speak with Sofia personally?

Totally, I’m here for you. Let’s chat and see if this Intensive Workshop is a good fit for you? 

Click Me to Book a Call

9 - Can I figure all this out on my own?

Of course, you can. There is enough information about this on the internet. However, what I’m about to share with you in this Bootcamp is a compilation of trial and error experiments both for myself and my clients. I truly believe that we should be innovative with our strategies and “no strategy in the world fits all”. Persistence and resilience come to play when you start your business.

Click Me to Book a Call

10 - Is there a guarantee?

I’m afraid not. This is an Intensive Bootcamp where I am visualizing all members to give their undivided attention to what I’m about to teach you. This is laser-focused training that can potentially explode your business and give you the confidence to show up in your best self and help you package your knowledge and passion.

11 - What if I purchase the Bootcamp but don't have time to implement it?

The 555 Intensive Bootcamp will be available to you forever. However, the best time to implement anything is with a group of like-minded Entrepreneurs just like you who can keep you accountable and can give you a different perspective in order to help you grow and move forward with your questions.

12 - Why do I need time off?

We all need time off to reflect and get our creative juices running. Time off gives us perspective and at the end of the day, we are not robots we need to step away from what we are learning and start using our creativity to innovate and start implementing what we learn.

13 - What happens if I don't want to do a program but instead a course?

The foundational principles that I’m about to teach you are the same for a program and/or a course. Besides courses are always sections in a core program so it all ties in nicely. 

Join us on this incredible journey. Let’s make waves together! 🚀🌟

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